Boston – A Revolutionary Lobster Experience

A City With At Least 1,000 Lobster Rolls! 

Pack for a month!  The capital of Massachusetts, Boston boasts that many lobster inspired recreational choices.  Start at Long Wharf by the New England Aquarium and stroll along the HarborWalk – an urban walkway along the water’s edge.  Witness much of what busy Beantown is all about.  Boats, buoys and amazingly tall buildings along way!  Make your way toward the Seaport District and stop for an incredible lobster roll at James Hook & Co on Northern Avenue – a local landmark around since forever ago!

Steeped in history and a year round destination, Boston is a city that you can easily take by foot. Follow the Freedom Trail to the cobble-stoned streets of Faneuil Hall and then make your way over to the Union Oyster House  – America’s oldest restaurant – for steamed lobster and a bib!   For live lobsters up close (and we mean really up close) loop around to the waterfront and climb aboard a lobster boat tour where you can watch the captain hoist his traps. Reservations required, of course.   With so much to do and lots of lobster shells to crack into  – we suggest you check-in at one of the many lobster inspired hotels and stay a while!

Why we love it:  Steamed lobster, boiled lobster, lobster bisque, lobster rolls, lobster boat tours, lobster bakes, lobster inspired lodging, lobstermen – shall we list more?

Fresh Facts:

  • First American lighthouse stands in Boston Harbor.
  • New England Aquarium features an American Lobster exhibit with rare blue and white lobsters.
  • Home of approximatly 42 commercial lobstermen and 17,000 lobster traps