Ipswich Clambake – Catering Stellar Events Since 1976

Clambakes All Year Round!  

From the sweet Ipswich steamed clams, the award winning-extra creamy clam chowder, the freshly harvested lobsters, the juicy butter and sugar corn, and the array of innovative sides containing fresh fruits and vegetables from farms around the corner, Ipswich Clambake brings you authentic New England flavors and stellar quality New England fare.

Ipswich Clambake will work with you to plan your clambake, picnic, or BBQ in your backyard, at the beach, your favorite location, or at any one of their event sites.  You may be interested in a casual clambake which is perfect for family gatherings, reunions, corporate events, or special celebrations. Tell Ipswich Clambake what you want and they promise to do everything to accommodate you.      With advance notice, Ipswich Clambake will prepare Clambakes to Go!

Stop by their seasonal restaurant and enjoy a delicious lobster roll or steamed lobster served with butter and a bib!

Why we love it: Whether you’re hosting an informal beach event for formal gathering, they take care of everything!

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