The Lobster Shack – Amazing Menu of Lobster Eats

The Lobster Shack

Behold a Nova Scotia restaurant  focused on a locally inspired ingredients and of course Lobster!  The Barrington area is often called the Lobster Capital of Canada, where the landed catch of lobster is highest in the country.

Offering sit down and take out, this cute lobster eatery offers an incredible array of lobster items on thier menu.  Start with Baked Lobster Spinach Dip which offers a rich blend of lobster, spinach, cream cheese, green onions and mayo baked with a house blend of cheese.  Or munch on Lobster Nachos, which offers a mountain of tortilla chips topped with peppers, green onion, house blend of cheese and fresh sautéed Lobster!

Entrees include the much loved baked stuff lobster and something called the Ooey Gooey Haddock & Lobster Bake.  What a name! Haddock smothered in creamy lobster & spinach topped with a house blend of cheese.  YUM!

Why we love it:  How can you not love a restuarant with a menu, mainly built aorund lobster.  

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