Old Fashioned Clambakes – An Authentic Clambake Company

Heated Rocks and Seaweed

Old Fashioned Clambakes is ideal for summer company outings, casual weddings and rehearsal dinners.  Clambakes are cooked fresh at your event site by experienced bakemasters. Friendly uniformed staff will set up, serve and clean up, all paper products, flatware, lobster crackers and lobster bibs are provided!

With this local company, clambakes are done the old fashioned way with heated rocks and seaweed. First, they heat a layer of rocks under a pile of burning wood. After three or four hours, when the rocks are hot enough, they put on a layer of seaweed harvested from the shores of the Cape.

Fresh lobsters, clams, sausages, corn and potatoes are placed in wooden boxes in the seaweed bed, and everything is covered with a canvas tarp. After steaming for about three-quarters of an hour, the result is a smoky, briny flavor that is the signature of a traditional Cape Cod clambake.   This is not a clam boil and Old Fashioned Clambake Bakes never serve a lobster with the rubber bands still on the claws!  Old Fashioned Clambakes offers Pig Roasts & Barbecues, too!

Why we love it:   Succulent seafood for the summer party!

Fresh Facts: