Sail Muscongus – Maine’s Only Sailing Lobsterboat!

Doesn’t Get More Maine Than This!

Sail Muscongus offers Boothbay Harbor’s most authentic Lobster Boat Tours and is among Maine’s most trusted and renowned sailing trip providers. Their passions are simple – fishing, lobstering and sailing!

Their wooden Friendship Sloop, Sarah Mead, accommodates up to six passengers who ultimately determine her course. Typical day tours last up to two hours; however, they have been known to come in early or later depending on the needs of those onboard! Sarah Mead is Maine’s last and only sailing lobster boat, a fully restored wooden Friendship Sloop. Sarah Mead is owned and operated by father-and-son team Randy and Nate Jones.

  • Whether you seek natural or man-made scenic wonders, seals and porpoise or some “lobstah,” the Captain and crew will set an appropriate course. In addition to observing marine mammals like seals and porpoise in their natural habitats, you may spot exotic islands, nostalgic lighthouses and luxurious mega yachts.
  • Because of their family-focused approach, you can feel confident that Sail Muscongus is the right choice for a lobster charter that family members of all ages can enjoy.  When you choose Sail Muscongus, you are guaranteed a safe, professional guide service with a bold, accommodating spirit.

Join Randy and Nate for a memorable excursion on-board Sarah Mead, and learn more about the fascinating history of Boothbay Harbor and its sea life; see lighthouses, seals, porpoise, osprey, eagles and, of course, lobster. Lobster tours sail four times daily from Spruce Point Inn, Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Why we love it:  It’s an authentic lobstering experience!

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