Harvested from the ocean to your door

The story of lobster rope and real Maine.  Based in Kittery and Nobleboro, Maine, Maine-ly Fish Print and Mercantile is a family owned and operated business inspired by natural surroundings!  Every lobster rope product they create tells a real Maine story; from the lobstermen who used it, to the hands that made it, to the small businesses that retail them! As a member of the ‘Maine Made America’s Best’ program, they provide truly unique hand crafted products that bring a sampling of Maine’s rich resources to your home.

Sustainable communities.

Maine-ly Fish Prints and Mercantile offers a sustainable product line that truly represents Maine and it’s longstanding  lobstering industry. With a federal water fishing ban imposed limiting the use of float rope on ground trawls (the lines on the ocean floor between the traps), the lobstering industry has changed drastically  in Maine over the last 5 years. Due to this federal mandate, lobstermen now use a mixture of both float rope and sink rope.  Although sink rope is much safer for marine life, it is unfortunately on average twice as expensive as its predecessor (float rope) and is only about 25% as durable.

That is how the company began reclaiming and recycling used lobster rope that would most likely end up in a landfill!    To learn more and order 100% reclained lobster rope products please visit their website.


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