Lobster Lady – Catches Lobster for Husband’s Pub

Lobster Lady in Massachusetts

Since she was a little girl, Therese has been hanging around lobster boats and learning the ways of the sea.  Conveniently living down the street, she would watch the lobstermen’s activities, at the same dock where her boat is tied up today.

At approximately 10 years of age, Therese was given a few lobster traps by a kindly mentor and her childhood play turned to a life time of lobster.  over the years, her fishing vessels grew from a little row boat, to a skiff, and finally a full size boat like she runs today.  When asked what she loves most about catching lobsters, she says “Being on the ocean, is like being in heaven.”  Like all lobster fishermen, this is way more than a day job for Therese.

Lobster is a family affair, and the lobsters Therese hauls out of the ocean become the lobster dinners for patrons at her husband’s restaurant, The Anchor Pub.  An icon in Beverly, Massachusetts this restaurant serves up lobster lunch and dinners to 1000’s of visitors each summer.  Fresh lobster is always on the menu.