Meet Ryan – A Lobster Fisherman from Rockport

Started Lobstering as a Young Boy

Growing up among the scenic waters of the Rockport area, Ryan used to skip school to go out on the water.  Since the age of 12 and his first boat (a dinghy), he would be careful to not be seen by his father – who was nearby catching lobster.

“It’s in my blood, I just fell in love with it.”   Lobstermen own their own boats, and Ryan is no exception.  As captain of his own livelihood, he works extremely hard to stay afloat and manage the 800 lobster traps he is licensed for.  With a daily wake up call of 4 a.m. and a floating office, lobstering is truly a labor of love.

p.s.  Ryan’s dog Jacoby is named after Boston Red Sox center fielder, Jacoby Ellsbury, and was star of our day!  He certainly loves the water and jumped in the harbor during shooting.