Fishing Lobster – Long Time Sandwich Love Affair

Loves his job!

Motoring out to the end of the Cape Cod Canal to go fishing, this lobster fisherman is serious amongst the beautiful scenery. Wearing a knife attached to his waders, he takes safety as first rule of thumb. He tells the story of how they lost a fishermen hauling traps last summer, when his line went overboard and they went down as well. The knife is a constant reminder and safety precaution against the dangers of working at sea.

Despite the long hours and wet conditions of catching lobster for a living, Captain Dave is happiest out on the water. “It’s an adventure every time you go out. You never know what you are going to catch and you are your own boss. You either make or break yourself.” A sentiment echoed with every lobster fishermen from Cape Cod up to North Atlantic Canada. Their daily rituals involve a strong faith of “fish and you will receive”, with a constant adherence to keeping only the lobsters that meet size requirements by law.

A sustainable fishery is always top of mind, and like many lobster fishermen, long days at sea are coupled with equally hard work on land. As secretary/treasurer of Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association, Dave also serves on the Board of Directors of the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation – truly working for every lobster fishermen and a better industry for all.