Visit Stonington – Maine’s largest lobster port

Home to Capt John

Fishing out of the largest lobster port in Maine, John hauls approximately 800 traps in scenic Stonington. He has made lobster his life’s business and is situated at the epi-center of Maine’s lobsterland. Recent reports show that 149 million pounds of American lobster were caught in the USA last year, with more than 127 million pounds landed in Maine. This whopping lobster catch number makes up 85% percent of the nations harvest.

If you go, bring a camera with lots of space for pictures!  Stonington is a visual delight and beautiful harbor town.  Offering quaint shops and charming places to eat lobster, this lobster village provide a very good dose of Maine fishing life.  Where to eat lobster?  For fine dining visit Aragosta and for more casual choose Fisherman’s Friend.

Why we love it?  Filled with lobster boats!