Captain Clinton – Fishes off of Deer Island, New Brunswick

Lobster fisherman Clinton

Lobster is a family affair for Clinton, a lobster fisherman who fishes with his father (Laurie) and grandfather (Allison).  His aunt works for a large lobster processor on the same island, which ships lobster internationally.  Much of the lobster caught in Canadian waters is shipped to far away places like Europe and Asia.  Due to the time of year lobster is caught in Canada, it provides lobster with a hard shell that is ideal for the long journey.

Generations of lobster fishermen in Canada are quite common, as lobster is the lifeblood for many communities along the eastern seaboard.  The coast is dotted with small communities just like the one found on Deer Island.  With approximately 600 residents, Deer Island is linked to the mainland by ferry, the only way on or off the island for those not lucky enough to own a lobster boat.