St. Andrews by the Sea – Lobster fishing duo and tours

Married fishing team offers lobster boat tours.

Captain Jamie with his wife and Sternman Alison catch lobsters in the Bay of Fundy and also charter educational tours.  Located in the scenic town of St. Andrews by the Sea, these business partners offer an up close and personal view of catching lobster. As with many lobster fishermen, they say lobster has brought many good things into their lives.  The two were actually married on the lobster boat in a unique wedding ceremony.

Jamie and Alison’s passion for the industry is evident.  In addition to fishing lobster for a living,  their boat tours pass on important knowledge to the end consumer.  Hauling lobster traps, learning about catch requirements and hearing about the industry’s sustainability efforts, makes for  priceless adventure.  A must for the to do list, the boat tour.