Ten reasons it’s great to fish lobster

Every wonder what it’s like to be a lobster fisherman?  We know it’s hard work but the job does have certain perks.  Just for fun, take a peek at our ‘top ten’ list in no particular order.

1.  If you fish lobster for a living, you get to wear cool boots.

2.  On a summers day, what’s better?

3.  You are always in the news.  For better or worse.  Reporters find you fascinating.

4.   Your office IS the company “water cooler.”

5.  You get to say “This is your captain speaking” and it’s true.

6.   Everyone dreams of owning their own boat.  You already do.

7.  Lobster fishermen have that “devil may care, wind blown hair” without even trying.

8.  No rush hour traffic (because you go to work around 4 a.m. )

9.   The world loves lobster and you are the one catching it.  Enough said.

10.  After hauling lobster traps all day, who needs the gym.

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