The lobster fishing family in Alma, NB

Fishing Family of Lobster Fishermen

Nestled in the beautiful seaside village of Alma, NB, gateway to Fundy National Park, lives a family of lobster fishermen with large boats and even larger hearts. Up and down the Atlantic Coast, fishing families working alongside each other are not uncommon. At the top of this family tree is grandfather Reg Collins, who in 1959 paid only 25 cents for his first lobster license.

A lot has changed since then.  This family of now seven lobster fishermen owns a lobster pound and shop, while the grandsons own and operate the largest custom built lobster fishing vessels in New Brunswick. They own five boats in Alma Harbour and perhaps as a homage to their good fortune and life on the sea, two boats are named “ Grateful One” and “Thankful Too”.