It’s a Family Affair on Scenic Orr’s Island, Maine

Meet Captain Chuck!

Lobster fishing is a way of life and often a family affair.  On Orr’s Island, which is connected to another larger island by bridge, Chuck has a mother, wife and 2 daughters that work at the local island restaurant (serving countless lobster rolls to locals and tourists alike.)  This family involvement of several, if not all family members, in the business of lobster, can be witnessed among hundreds of ocean harbors along the eastern seaboard.   Local employment is driven by fisheries, and in this delicious case, the wild caught fishery of lobster.

Chuck, like many lobster fishermen is found selling a portion of his catch fresh from the boat.  Like a farmer’s fruit stand on a scenic country road, nautical settings like Orr’s Island, offer hungry customers, the opportunity to know exactly who caught dinner.  In this case it’s our hero, and each day, his family sells live lobster from a wharf in front of their home.  This flash sale opens for a whopping “one half hour” each afternoon.  Now that’s island living!

Located in Casco Bay and the Gulf of Mane, the small group of islands that make up Chuck’s community consists of 300 – 400 lobster fishermen in the surrounding waters.  They rely on the sea for their livelihood, as did the generations of fishermen who frequented the fish shack, photographed above with our hero.  Having stood the test of time for over 200 years, the shack and  surrounding land have been put into a special trust.  The protective trust names commercial fishermen as the focus and honors a long line of fishermen and future generations to come.

Lucky Catch Cruises – Lobster Tour on Casco Bay

Learn All About Lobstering

How does your lobster gets from the bottom of the ocean to your dinner plate? Reserve your spot on a Lucky Catch lobster boat, and you’ll find out. You’ll learn about lobster habits, conservation efforts, the difference between hardshell and soft shell lobsters, shorts, culls and keepers! Any lobsters caught during this 80-90 minute tour can be purchased after the cruise for wholesale “boat” price, and if you don’t have a pot at home, take your lobsters across the pier to the Portland Lobster Company restaurant for the freshest lobster dinner anywhere!

Why we love it:  You can purchase the lobsters after the cruise!

Fresh Facts:

  • Seasonal
  • Reservations Required
  • 170 Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04101
  • (207) 761-0941