Captain Alcide – Cape Egmont, Prince Edward Island

Captain Alcide

In his mid eighties, Alcide is still fishing in a small village on Prince Edward Island.  Lobster fishing is not easy, but when asked about the best part of his career, he said “whether a fisherman or a lobster fisherman, it’s all the same.  It’s the healthiest life you can know.”  Certainly the truth in this case.

Alcide started fishing when he was 14, and his father and grandfather were lobster fishermen before him.  With 70 years in the business, he has seen many changes to the industry.  For many years, fishing boats were not required to have names on them.  He also remembers the days before boat trailers.  He recalls hooking up horses to haul the boat down into the water for fishing and to pull it back out when returning to shore.

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