Prince Edward Island – Lobstering through early 80’s

In her early 80’s, lobster fisher Anna repaired lobster traps and was still fishing until her passing in winter of 2015.

“I was out last year and we’ll see what happens this year”, Anna had told us with a chuckle. Fishing since the mid 1970’s, she previously fished with her late husband Buddy. Having sold her fishing gear to her son Roy, he will now carry on the long-standing family tradition.

Anna holds a special place in the island’s legal history of lobster. She can be credited with ensuring women equal rights to claim insurance (when working side by side as a married couple on the boat). She helped bring change to PEI’s legislation, which now allows the wife of a lobster boat captain to be seen as a separate working entity under the law.

Captain Anna • M/V Gypsy Rover I • Savage Harbour, Prince Edward Island

A very cool lobster couple in Annandale, PEI

Meet Captains Colin and Dawn!

Fishing lobster on Prince Edward Island, married couple, Colin and Dawn – give new meaning to the word teamwork.  Annandale, is where they call home, an island village boasting classic rows of weathered fishing shacks and green wide fields for livestock.

With a family history of lobster fishing, this duo both had parents that fished – including Dawn’s own mother.  The first woman in Annandale to operate a lobster fleet, she hauled her own traps alongside her husband (who also had his own boat.)  Colin also recalls his grandfather as a lobster fisherman.  It’s in his blood, and he just “loves it”, he said.  Adding “I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

It’s not hard to understand why, in their quiet seaside location, which is filled with partially built wood framed traps.  The family builds them in the off-season and hundreds are piled up in big stacks.  No loud machinery, no computers, just the sound of hands working.  Whether on land or at sea, peace, is a word (well used), to describe this area of the world.